About Us

Prospero was established in 1999. Our core business is the development of standardized software solutions that analyze data to detect and quantify market opportunities and risks across industries.

With increasing amounts of complex data, our goal is to help companies stay focused on the most essential information. These solutions combine years of expertise in the fields management information systems, advanced neuro-evolution and object-oriented software engineering.

The result of this interdisciplinary approach is a new generation of software solutions. These solutions find relevant knowledge in data and text using an automated self-learning process. The results are provided for various kinds of business processes in the form of scores, optimized classifications and predictive models.


Prospero’s vision is to improve decision making with machine intelligence. When using the right techniques and methods, a computer is capable of controlling non-linear and complex processes. The basic principles of machine intelligence are evolutionary learning and pattern recognition. Our solutions that are based on these principles help people make better decisions faster in a rapidly growing and changing world of real and virtual dependence.

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