By linking the world the 21st century has become more complex and multi-layered. The available data is increasing exponentially. To gain the relevant insights from this is a crucial success factor.
Thorough hindsight, good reflection, better foresight, accurate decisions and best action can not be based on trivialization or disregard of the world’s complexity. We are constantly confronted with handling complexity and with the temptation of making simplifying assumptions and shortcuts. However, mastering the world’s complexity with New-Generation AI, based on laws of nature and evolution, is not an illusion, but reality, which pays off.

  • prescriptive analytics
    • pattern based, highly automated intelligent modeling
    • link analysis for the detection of hidden relations and networks
    • rule system
  • intelligent text analysis and media search
  • modules for different plug-in based integration options in existing IT-environments
  • scoring platform
  • application specific user workflow