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Gain values from Data

Detect opportunities and risks at an early stage and focus the business on the essentials

Data is the oil of the 21st century. Data growth is exponential – but a value is only created if specific relevant insights are gained from it. This is a task that even a person with broad experience is not able to do reliably. He needs assistance for that.

Prospero’s approach to finding relevant information in data is based on two basic principles of nature: pattern recognition and evolutionary learning. The generic Prospero Predictive Analytics platform DetectX® identifies relevant patterns and relationships in data and continually improves itself.

Prospero has been providing predictive analytics based business solutions since the year 2000. More than 60 clients in 12 countries across the financial, life science, manufacturing, commercial and energy industries streamline their business with Prospero solutions. Examples are:

  • the reduction of losses in the lending business by 45%
  • the improvement of the fraud detection in the payment industry by 110%
  • the saving lives with precise risk scores in the diagnostic classification in medicine
  • the multiple increase in conversion rates in sales campaigns
  • the improvement of the planning process in the supply chain of the manufacturing industry with the reduction of supply bottlenecks by 73% and simultaneous reduction of the average inventory by 2%
  • the increased efficiency in the fight against money laundering by reducing the number of false alerts by 98.5% while increasing the correct recognition by 100%

The examples have one thing in common: to detect the right data and values from a large number of situations and cases in order to make the right predictions. Prospero is the key filter companies need to optimize their value chain. With high detection qualities, minimal error rates and the ability to continuously improve independently, the Prospero standard solutions support the focus on the essentials – with full integration into existing business processes.

The benefits for the customers are:

  • better cost efficiency
  • higher earnings
  • secure processes
  • knowledge advantage