Anti-Money Laundering

pro_AML_MDo you recognize money laundering activities in time?

Are your false detections minimized?

Do you have optimized workflows in your compliance?

Risk-based protection against money laundering

The solution PRO-AML Anti-Money Laundering offers real-time monitoring of data and text to prevent money laundering activities.

Our anti-money laundering solution is configured according to the specific needs and risk exposures of a company. A wide range of filtering and search methods is offered to handle both simple and complex detection requirements.

Our on-going feedback learning process continuously improves detection quality while increasing the efficiency and security of daily operations. Each step in the monitoring process is recorded to guarantee traceability and transparency of alerts and investigations.

Key features of PRO-AML Anti-Money Laundering

  • Comprehensive security in the prevention of money laundering through:
    • Effective transaction monitoring for the detection of money laundering suspicious transactions
    • Checks against customer and partner relations in embargo lists, sanction lists, PEP lists, terror lists and black lists
    • Peer group and link analyses
  • High performance, adaptive filters and matching algorithms to maximize detections with minimized false alerts
  • Workflow for analysis, documentation and investigation of suspicious cases
  • Easy integration into existing environments

Regulatory requirements and compliance

Our products assure compliance with numerous national and international regulatory requirements and standards.

  • In the area of Anti Money Laundering (AML), Fraud Detection and Prevention we support the internationally recognized and accepted GAFI / FATF recommendations as well as the fulfilment of the regulatory requirements of the Swiss GwG, FINMA-GwV, VsB 16 and KAG on a very high-quality level.
  • The solutions base on precise analytics and support our customers in the fulfilment of the MiFID /EMIR requirements as well as the Swiss FinfraG, FidleG, BEHG, KAG and KKG acts, laws and regulations in the areas of risk based customer analysis, product suitability rule and exception handling, market transparency and cross border.
  • We also support the qualitative and quantitative regulatory requirements in the areas of BASEL II/III, CRR and CRD IV minimal regulatory capital calculation, liquidity risk analysis (LCR / NSFR), static and dynamic stress testing and simulations, collateral optimization and many others.


  • Customized risk monitoring
  • High security with maximum detection rates
  • Process efficiency with minimized false alerts and efficient workflows
  • Easy setup
  • Cost effective