Marketing and Sales Control

pro_SC_MWhich customers will contribute to high product profitability?

Do you recognize any attrition trends?

Which customers have the highest potential to buy a specific product?

Pinpoint the needs of your customers and identify valuable opportunities

The solution PRO-SC Marketing & Sales Control increases the efficiency of your marketing activities by focusing on best customer potential scores.

PRO-SC detects the individual needs and potentials of customers while anticipating market changes early. A company can obtain faster and more reliable results, estimate future developments and have a more direct influence on revenues and expenses.

Prospero provides optimized answers for effective sales control. This includes answers to questions related to cross-selling potentials, churning risks and specific product positioning.

Key features of PRO-SC Marketing and Sales Control

  • Scoring of sales potential
  • Finding relevant business drivers
  • Calculations of optimized contact strategies
  • Customer classification and segmentation


  • Increased selling success
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Early recognition of changes in market situations and customer behaviours
  • Optimized use of resources